Harvard Certification

Executive Program in Leadership


Executive Education programs provide experienced managers with professional and intellectual development. Cases, articles and simulations from HBSP provide rich yet efficient learning for managers at every level in the industry.   Successful leaders understand power-and they know how to share it. In today’s world, where intellectual capital reigns, competitive advantage occurs when an organization utilizes the knowledge and experience of all its members. “Command and Control” leadership styles are obsolete, instead, leaders must learn to identify, focus and release the power of the entire organization.   In the 32 separate modules of the Harvard Leadership Program, you will meet recognized thought leaders, skilled educators, active corporate board members and eminent faculties. They will empower participants from your esteemed organizations to become visionary leaders, which your organization and the global economy demands today. As a group, our faculty leverages their business expertise and field-based research to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of management around the world.   Each Module will involve assessments and after clearing the same would entitle the participants to receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Harvard Manage Mentor.

Harvard Manage Mentor Modules