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In a highly competitive global environment, there is an ever-increasing need for organizations to develop and train their employees. Stratford works with organizations to assess and design education solutions that are specific to each organization’s needs.



At Stratford, we offer degree and professional development programs designed to answer the specific needs of your industry, the exact education your employees need to increase your company’s productivity and profit. Your employees learn the latest, proven theories and techniques from instructors who work in the fields they teach. And our advanced teaching format enables your employees to learn in the most efficient way possible. The programs are designed with flexibility and consider the many demands facing executives today. Our executive education offerings can be held on-site at your organization.

Our Programs

Onsite MBA

Stratford has introduced for the 1st time in India, an Onsite MBA program. Its a regular program as intensive as being conducted at our campuses in India and the USA at the convenience of doing it at their work place. We also offer customised case studies and projects as per your need gaps, which makes it more dynamic in nature.

Customized MBA

Stratford offers customized onsite MBA courses for working professionals. Many a time, an employee becomes dissatisfied because of the impending management course that he/she wanted to purse but couldn’t. The complexities and exhaustion of daily job wouldn’t allow him to create extra time to even think in that direction.

Online Hybrid MBA

What if your employees are travelling for work related matters? Should they miss out on an opportunity to earn a professional degree? Absolutely not! Stratford also boasts of Online Hybrid MBA program with the benefit of face-to-face learning along with other online activities. Designed to integrate live (online) synchronous learning.

Executive Programs in Leadership

Executive Education Program in Leadership is designed to help participants put effective collaborative methods of leadership to work in their organisations and leverage the leadership potential of all members of their teams. Participants focus on developing their own leadership skills and personal influence.

Management Development Programs

Our Management Development Program is designed to build fundamental management skills and enhance and strengthen your leadership capabilities. We cover, all HR & OB Topics, Leadership Trainings, Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT Training Topics, English Communication, Management Principles through Bhagavad Gita.

Harvard Certifications

In the 32 separate modules of the Harvard Leadership Program, you will meet recognized thought leaders, skilled educators, active corporate board members and eminent faculties. They will empower participants from your esteemed organizations to become visionary leaders, which your organization and the global economy demands today.

Benefits of Executive Education

  • Increase in staff utilization

  • Reduction in attrition

  • Increased time to market services and solutions

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Stay ahead of competition

  • Higher employee morale
Hire and Train

This program is specially designed for our valued customers who have special needs for their new staff to be trained in specific areas before they come on board. Hire as per requirement.
Leave your requirement worries behind. Let Stratford take the challenge of hiring the best candidate for the job. We will do all the hiring as per your specific requirement. Simply hiring the desired candidate is not enough. They must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to stay productive. And thats why Stratford implements a training program that nurtures employees and capitalizes on their talents.

Reskill Employees

With technology changing so fast it has become quite challenging to find people with the right skills set. We at Stratford help organizations, re-skills current employees as per business needs. Some benefits:

  • We find the right instructor/discussion leaders/facilitators for your needs
  • Courses can be tailored as per your unique needs and experience levels
  • We bring the training to you at your doorsteps saving valuable staff time and travel costs
  • Identify the topics you’d like to include or select courses
  • Choose a location ( at the place of your business)
Improved Employee Retention

The ever-increasing attrition rate is one of the glaring problems in any organization. It is important to understand the reasons behind a lot of companies, big or small, not being able to retain the employees. Non- financial rewards like encouragement, recognition is not enough, the need is of tangible benefit which motivates them to be in the company for long run. To retain is to give your employees an extra set of skills that comes handy.
Stratford Retention Strategy :

  • Exhaustive Hiring Process
  • Training Programs to strengthen the Company-Employee Bond
  • Short-term skill based courses for Career Advancement
  • Regular Communication
Soft Skills Program

The fact is that soft skills are the most important skills for your career. They are the skills that are difficult to systemize and automate. They are the skills that define leadership and creativity.
By definition soft skills are those skills that are difficult to measure.

  • Improve Your Language Skills through Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • Improvement on time management
  • How to develop leadership skills
  • Self-Management & Attitude

Financing your Executive Education Program

“India’s Pioneering Institute for Working Professionals”
Stratford has been in the business of transforming lives by bringing international education to India since 2001. Its unique competency-based education provides the skills or competencies required by employers. More importantly,  Stratford provides a student-centered classroom environment where our faculty members are flexible and will accommodate students with different learning styles and modes without compromising employer-dictated standards. This dual focus, on both the employer and the student, is the reason for our success.

There are some simple steps to do.

  • Employee takes a loan from the bank
  • Organization to sign service level agreement with employees Reimburses SI and part of fee
  • Stratford to customize programs as per Organization needs.
  • Bank pays the fee to Stratford. Stratford refunds the money back to bank for portion that student does not complete
  • Employee pay balance EMIs to the bank after completion of the course.

Our Faculty


Dr Ashok Kaka BE, MBA

EXPERIENCE: Over thirty eight years in Business Management, Business Development, Marketing Management and Technical Services in German MNC BASF as General Manager Marketing & Regional Business Development Manager South Asia. 


Dr. Faizal Khan, PhD

EXPERIENCE: Over twenty years of experience in sales and marketing and corporate communication.
Transport Corporation of India Ltd, The Indian Express, The Outlook group of publications, Network 18.
Currently a consultant to Federation of Indian Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises.


Mr. Sanjay Kehar, MBA

EXPERIENCE: Marketing, International Business, and Human Resource Management.


  • Richardson Hindustan Limited
  • Johnson & Johnson Limited
  • G.E. Apar Lighting
  • Metro Appliances Limited



Dr. Puneet Mohan, PhD

EXPERIENCE: Over a decade worked as adjunct faculty with management Institutes in Delhi and NCR Co-authored seven books on Human Resources management and Principles of management Registered for PhD


Ms. Alka Sharma, MBA

EXPERIENCE: Over ten years of experience as a senior trainer and faculty with Centum Learning limited, G.D. Goenka education (University of Lancaster).


Dr. Ashimia Puri, PhD

EXPERIENCE: Over twenty one years of experience as consultant psychologist in various leading hospitals in Delhi and life member with Indian psychological association, Association of Clinical Psychologist, Delhi and Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. Her area of expertise lies in the field of Relaxation Training, Meditation and Creative Visualization.


Dr. Shamsher Singh, PhD

EXPERIENCE: Over thirty two years of rich experience in academic, research, administration and other allied areas. NET (National Eligibility Test) qualified in Management by UGC
Management Teacher by Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University.
Served the Indian Air Force as a Junior Warrant Officer


Dr. Sandhya Agarwal, PhD

EXPERIENCE: Over twenty two years of experience with:
American Embassy School
CMC Ltd, (A Tata Enterprise)
Government of India and Bharat Steel Tube Company with focus Are of HR
An independent writer on panel of IMS, Symbiosis Law School, FDDI and also an International journal publisher

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