Academic Calender


Stratford University conducts classes year-round. The calendar year is divided into five 10-week academic terms. Three academic terms are equivalent to one academic year. Each term has a mini-start at the mid-point to permit additional start dates. Classes are not conducted on holidays which are shown below.

Year/Qtr. Session Start Date End Date
2018-1 A 08-Jan-2018 11-Feb-18
  B 12-Feb-18 18-Mar-18
  C 08-Jan-18 18-Mar-18
2018-2 A 19-Mar-18 22-Apr-18
  B 23-Apr-18 27-May-18
  C 19-Mar-18 27-May-18
2018-3 A 28-May-18 01-Jul-18
  B 02-Jul-18 05-Aug-18
  C 28-May-18 05-Aug-18
2018-4 A 06-Aug-18 09-Sep-18
  B 10-Sep-18 14-0ct-18
  C 06-Aug-18 14-0ct-18
2018-5 A 15-0ct-18 18-Nov-18
  B 19-Nov-18 23-Dec-18
  C 15-0ct-18 23-Dec-18