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Best Courses After 12th – Which course will you choose? What is your career goal? This question pops up in minds of every student from the very first day of their 12th class. Whether its parents, relatives or friends everyone hovers around with this question. While some students have an answer to this but some are confused. Choosing a course is a crucial step towards the career-making path. A right decision can take you to the pinnacle of the success whereas the bad one can affect you adversely. It is advised to choose a suitable course while pursuing 12th rather than waiting for the last day. As rightly said by Guy Kawasaki, “Pursuing your passions makes you more interesting, and interesting people are enchanting.”


Students have diverse options to choose from like marketing management, MBA in finance subjects, engineering, mass media and much more. Hence, a mapped path is necessary to stay focused and encouraging to reach the final destination.


It is commonly seen that students tend to go along with their friends or choosing that their parents want them to do. It is of vital importance that students need to know their skills and also needs to look at top courses available for them.


The course selection wholly depends upon the stream you have chosen in your 11th class, i.e. Arts, Science, and Commerce. Furthermore, parents should ask their children about their areas of interest, skills they are good at or goals they want to achieve. Thus, every student needs to consider these factors rather than consulting other’s choice.


Choices After 12th For Science


Science gives extensive options after 12th for the students who choose either mathematics (PCM) or biology (PCB) or both. It is suitable for ones who want to do the following course: Bachelors in science, engineering, MBBS, defence, navy, pilot, pharmacy and many other options are available.


Choices After 12th for Commerce


Commerce is the popular option among students. This helps the students to learn about managing business and finances. Marketing management, BBA course subjects, bsit courses and hr management are the popular choices of commerce students after 12th class.  This suited best to ones with great analytical skills. Some choose commerce with mathematics as an additional subject or Informatics Practice (IP). Other core subjects included are economics, accountancy, English and business studies.


Students have the option to choose between, CA, CS, BBS, BMS, marketing management, hr management, BBA course, bachelor of science in business administration, MBA in finance subjects, and much more.


Choices After 12th for Arts


Also known as humanities, this is another popular subject, which offers wide-ranging options for students. Now gone are the days when this was considered a low-grade subject chosen by students with low marks. Nevertheless, with changing times this stream is being chosen by many and is extremely diverse.


Students have the options between B.A in English, economics, dance, music, political science, sociology, journalism, psychology, fine arts, and much more.


Vocational Courses


Apart from the mainstream courses above, students can choose between tons between vocational courses after 12th. This type, of course, is not streamed specific. Vocational courses allow the students to choose something else from the usual. It aids in giving a practical knowledge and prepares the students for a specialized career. There are various options available fit for everyone and make them job ready in less time than other courses. Another benefit is that these courses are of short duration and many can be done online like, business management courses online. Other than this, these courses are not so expensive. You can choose from animation, fashion, leather, textile, graphic, interior designing courses and much more.


Study Abroad


If you are looking for a career in some unconventional courses like hotel management and photography, you must definitely try studying abroad. The foreign study makes sure that a student learns both academically and professionally by engaging them in internships and other work. With this extensive study, a student gets well prepared to work in foreign, which promises an extremely bright future. Lastly, there is definitely an international recognition that offers modern techniques with a better and diverse exposure. Universities like Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, and Stanford are some renowned institutes that offer a wide range of courses with diversifying exposure into a real life.


How To Select The Right Course?


Choosing the right course might be challenging but following these steps would help in the easy selection of an appropriate subject.


  • Giving attention to your passions and skills. Choose a course that will help in fulfilling your dreams.
  • Consult your parents and teachers. These two personalities know your strength and weaknesses. They will surely help in shedding light on a course that will build up your career.
  • Take aptitude exams and tests. This is another step in gauging your abilities. Therefore, depending upon the result you can go for the course within your reach.
  • Lastly, give your adequate attention towards the course that you have chosen. Make sure that it has the ability to land you in a suitable job.  

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