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Executive education courses refer at graduate level business-school courses which are usually non-credit and non-degree granting certificate courses. They provide courses for executives, business leaders, and functional managers. These programs are designed after careful planning and substantial research to fit the changing face of the business world. The programs are usually customized, tailored for and offered to executives of a single company which represents the fastest growing segment of the market.


These programs help increasing management capability of the organizations by combining the science of business and performance management into specialized programs. It is to ensure that executives are able to develop new knowledge, skills, and attitudes aligned with the organization. Knowledge translates into the capability an organization applies to the products and services it brings to the marketplace. Research shows that a firm with a clearly articulated and understood business and capability strategy will have a higher market-to-book value than a firm that does not.


What are the benefits of an executive program?


executive programThere is a lot of scope for networking and improving communication skills and is effective with multiple sources business leadership, academic guidance, and personal coaching. They are designed in a way to provide direction to the leader, the employees, and the organization. Post taking an executive education program, in many cases CEO are able to leverage and align their top management, delivering results on strategic initiatives. It increases awareness among the students about the challenges that any CEO faces and how they can prepare themselves, for broader responsibilities. It increases the understanding of the business’s competitive context and the ability to plan strategically and create a more resilient future.


The main idea behind this program is to train people at the executive level to handle crisis situations better and to train others to one day achieve that position, including work-life and health balance. Your organization can benefit from this program as:


  • It gives access to best practice in the organization, thought leadership and cutting-edge business research to make your organization more resilient and competitive for the future.
  • It provides the skills required to be aware of the challenges facing the external business environment and their implications for your organization.
  • Develop a senior leadership team highly capable of leading an organization in complex times.
  • Enhance your presence and ability to lead an organization across cultures.
  • Improve your coaching skills to develop the full potential of your organization’s talent.


What the course teaches


Through the course, you learn key management and executive skills to help your organization perform better in crisis situations and otherwise. It helps to build the foresight to any problems by cultivating leadership qualities among the students. The course provides you with ways to understand what organizational style and leadership style you possess.


For any business to function, it is important to build good relationships with all stakeholders. Be it the internal or the external stakeholders, they form a very important unit of the organization. Through the training you undergo in the course, you can understand the complexities of the relationship.


Strategies are necessary to tackle any situation or to simply evolve the company. With an executive education course, you can achieve sustainable success in engineering a business strategy that is in tune with the today’s business climate and your goals. It provides you with the foresight to innovate and implement strategies. It also prepares you to have a holistic approach in improving operational and strategic agility. The problems that businesses face in the current global climate is that of a changing and dynamic economy, the increasing hold and fast-changing technology and the constant change in business models. The course teaches you how to carry out corporate governance that can add value for stakeholders across organizations.


Media has also become very influential in the making and breaking of an organization. It is important that a business is able to control and manage the media, especially keep check on what is being said about them. People are more likely to be influenced by media, more so digital media, than any other form of rapport building. Executive education builds the confidence to make the most of Public Relations and how to manage the media. The course also dwells in the subject of personal/ individual health, lifestyle choices and growth viz a vis the strategies that are adopted by the organization. You are motivated to maximize your stamina for greater professional and personal satisfaction.


Scope in India


Executive education prepares you to be better equipped at an executive managerial position (as the name suggests). The scope is high for this course as there is always a need for intelligent, sharp and executive educated executives in any company at any point in time. The success of a business relies on the kind of leadership they have and if you take up this course, you are more likely to be promoted at the higher ranks. The course basically like a skill development program which has more practical applications than theory. Executives are required in all kinds of industries and therefore, having done such a course can increase your

and your pay scale.


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