Human Resource Management Course

Every company, no matter how big or small it is relies on how effectively their employees can work. The people that work in a company make it and it is very important to see what is the quality of employees working. And that is where the Human Resources team comes into play. The Human Resource Management team is an integral part of any organization and it is an up and coming career.


Role of a Human Resource Manager


We may think that the role of a Human Resource Manager is restricted to the hiring and firing process. But they have more things to do in a company. They are required to take care of the physical and emotional capital of the employees. They are vital for setting the development goals of the company and to oversee that the work is in accordance to then. They take care of the internal matters that concern the people working in the organization at every level.

They are responsible to take care of any grievances that the employee may be suffering and provide them with redressal. They are also supposed to keep the staff motivated at all times, which they do with team building exercises etc. This helps in bringing out better results and in turn, helps to build the image of the company. It is on them to ensure that the employees are striving to work towards fulfilling the goals of the company, keeping in mind their values. In case of any altercation or disagreement among the employees, they are the first ones to take an action.


The course prepares you to organize businesses, hire and fire personnel and train individuals for a career. Human Resources team works in guiding and facilitating the training of new entrants. They bring the individuals together in the organization and create a healthy working environment.  Any in-house human resource manager needs to be able to tactfully handle things and have the ability to function among others. There are other ways too, like having another consultancy handling the hiring-firing process.


Human Resource Management Course

Human resource courses are typically available through online and on-campus bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in human resource management and business administration. Short certificate programs in human resources management also exist at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This course is beneficial as the human resource team of any company is their backbone. Their main responsibility is ensuring that the ‘human capital’ of the organization is satisfied with their work and becomes their guiding force in times of need.


What does the course cover?


The course in HR Management can be pursued in graduation or post graduation. It extensively covers and trains the students for the skills and values that are required to be able to take a job in human resources. It is important that the student is open and comfortable in having interaction with other people as their job is highly driven by personnel. They should be ready to work in coordinating schedules and regularly motivate the people. Some of the things that you can learn in a human resource manager.


  • Management principles
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employee theft
  • Employee morale
  • Bonuses
  • Retirement
  • Budgeting


The scope of Human Resource Management in India


With multiple Multinational corporations setting foot in India, the scope to work in Human Resources has increased. There are a lot of job opportunities in these as every branch of a company has one time dedicated to working towards the betterment of their employees. There are two main ways in how one can become a part of the human resource management.


A lot of India based companies prefer to have their in-house human resource management team that takes care of all their needs like hiring-firing, grievance, and redressal, employee motivation etc. However, MNCs prefer that the team for hiring-firing is outsourced and only have a redressal cell in the office premises.

India has a really high human resource capital, with a favoring demographic dividend which has led to the increase in the employability of the youth.  The main places where you can opt for a job in human resources include major business and corporate houses, multinational companies, airlines, factories, industries, government departments and govt. ministries etc.

An average human resource management graduate can earn a salary between Rs.8,000-Rs.10, 00 per annum.


Human resources have a very promising career in India


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